J. Randal Montgomery
Barrister & Solicitor
downtown and midtown Toronto

I work mostly at home in downtown Toronto and can meet regular, trusted clients at my residence near Bloor and Spadina. For initial consultations or four way meetings with clients and opposing lawyers I rent an office at the Davisville Centre building (1920 Yonge St.). Best days for appointments at the Davisville office are Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday afternoons or evenings. Be warned I charge $50 for any missed appointment (unless you phone at least 90 minutes prior to explain that you cannot make it). 

Nowadays unless you need to attend at a hearing or trial or an interview with a government official, there is no need for personal contact. Use telephone, SKYPE or other free voice over internet telephone, Email, or faxes to accomplish the work. Documents that need signing by you (e.g. retainer agreement, affidavits) can be mailed, faxed or Emailed to you. You print it, and get it commissioned or notarized by a lawyer or Notary Public near you (do not sign it until in front of them), then fax to me and courier or mail the original. I have successfully done several Federal Court cases and corporate income tax cases without ever meeting the client face-to-face.

Mobile telephone: 416-820-9267
Fax: 647-494-9606


Below is a photo of me and a realtor friend (Shelley Zhang) of mine at a sales presentation by Greybrook and Stafford in Nov. 2016 in Downsview. (Note I do not practice real estate law.) 

me and Shelley at Greybrook Nov 2016

Below is a shot from previous Scarborough office around 2002 showing secretary and three of the interpreters:

Hossein (Farsi interpreter), Dr. Montgomery, Sarwar (former Bengali interpreter), Melanie (former Secretary) and Thomas (Spanish & French interpreter)