SMALL CLAIMS litigation

Only for Toronto and Durham regions, and only when amount in dispute is at least $5,500. (This is because my retainer is $3000 and case may take another thousand or more to finish.) Now that up to $25,000 can be fought over in Small Claims court it has become more formal and legalistic so it is important to have legal representation. If the other side has a lawyer or licenced paralegal and you don't, you are at a disadvantage. Likwwise if you hire a lawyer and the other side does not, you have the advantage. If you just want to DIY (do it youself) and have me check over your documents before you serve and file them, or help you arrange for service, filing or explaining the complex Rules to you, my rate is $340 per hour. And/or you can come for a $150 consultation before you start working on your case.